Friday, 11 May 2012


Since no one really know anything about Jess Tarry, partly because he spends all his time in his basement apartment building terrain for some kind of fantasy game, but also because no one know his true identity. Joe and I first put the pieces together that he was a secret ninja, on a trip to Lion Head. He has recently found out that we now know his secret and has no problem showing off his ninja elite skills. Just to list a few, he catches intruding flies with his bare hands, jumps through the bathroom window and vanishes in thin air only to reappear again behind us on his scooter. We tried to ask him how; he replied that he hid behind a Fanta pop machine. Ya Right! Oh well, there are many secrets we will never know. Anyways I wrote this short question & answer, so our readers can get a better idea of whom Jess Tarry really is. I advise you to read with caution and keep in mind that enemy forces may capture you and try to torture this information out of you.

The Ninja himself on his favorite route in Sikati Cave
Full Name:             Jess Wade Tarry           
Birthday:                   ??/??/1984
Social Insurance #: You're not getting this
Age: He acts like a two year old - Joe
Years Climbing: 3.5
Hardest redpoint: 5.12d
Favorite childhood superhero? Blackhawk. Looking back on it hes pretty soft
Playboy or hustler? Definitely hustler
Game of Thrones or Walking Dead: Game of thrones, Walking dead is a soap opera
Chris Sharma or Adam Ondra? Sharma
Favorite route in Kalymnos? 12b in the sikati cave, crazy fun line (les pirates)
Favorite back home crag?  Lions head but devils glen is looking nice
Who do you miss the most?  Mustard he owes  me batreps
Erika is a cutie, Yes or No? (yes)
Cuter than Joe? (yes)
Most liked attribute about Tyler? His Muscles
Preferred resource in Catan? I favor the wheat ….
How old were you when the power of the chest hair took hold? Oh geeze that’s a tough one, I think as soon as I hit 16 it owned me
How do you take your coffee? Black
Nine inch nails or Tool? Nine Inch Nails
Grigri or ATC? Grigri
Favorite Karate move: Rumble in the Bronks
Weapon of Choice: Morning star
Jackie Chan is: Amazing
Favorite hobby on Kalymnos other than tanning or climbing is: Nerding out with you fools
How many items have been lost so far? I am pulling a Tim I know, so far just my shades and my hat. The hat didn’t even make it to Greece
The smell of goat shit everywhere is: Growing on me
Favorite tea: Macha, all day long
What book are you currently reading? Lord of chaos by Robert Jordan
When did you first become a ninja? August 2011
Joe or Tyler? Joe for lunch Tyler for dinner
Hamburgers or Hotdogs? Hamburgers
Dogs or cats or wild Kalymnos cats? Dogs, the Kalymnos cats are fun when they scare Joe
What would one find in your flask? Tequila
Favorite yoga pose? Warrior 3
Favorite rock climbing hold/move? Jug/Rest
What are you hiding behind the chest hair? More chest hair
What do you most frequently dream about?  Being on a permanent climbing holiday
Do you believe in God? Something maybe probably
Favorite Chick Flick: The Notebook

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