Thursday, 3 May 2012

It's 2am

            We are totally not playing this jet leg thing correctly, after dinner we passed right out, we were all convinced that a small nap was just what we needed. Well a small nap turned into and 9 hour sleep. Waking up now at 2:00 we are all wide awake and playing some videogames in the dark, just waiting for the sun to come up again so we can climb.
            So to back track a bit we bought a plane ticket from Athens to Kos where we hopped in a cab and he drove us to the port for 16 euros. Next we bought the ferry ticket for 3euros. Stepping on the ferry we were instructed to take our luggage, including handbags, off and keep them outside the cabin. This made us feel uncomfortable so we sat at the closes table available and kept an eye on the gear while playing a lovely game of catan. The ferry ride went quick, only 30mins or so. But we all leant something new about Joe! He has absolutely no sea legs. After Jess and I went to look at the island from the top of the ship and came back with giant smiles on our faces Joe want to try. He didn’t make it too far before giving up, and becoming too frightened to push on. The look of fear on his face was priceless.
            Arriving in Masouri, Kalymnos at around 10pm, we hired another taxi to take us to Artemis studios where we met Mike, the owner, and he showed us our room. Unpacking most our gear, we still hadn’t eaten a decent dinner and decided to find a restaurant down the street and indulge in a Greek styled meal. We were very satisfied and wash all our dinner down with Mythos beer.
            No one could sleep because of all the excitement, and we were fully up again by 5:30am. We wanted to go climbing but unfortunately had no breakfast and had to wait till the market across the street opened to get some green eggs and vegetables. Finally at 7:45 we were ready.
Me and Joe

Kaly Pipe 6c+
Grande Grotto

    20mins of walking and we were at the Grande Grotto, where we geared up for our first climb. It was determined that I climb first. We picked a 6c+ (or 5.11c) called Kaly pipe. I made it about 1/3 the way before screwing up the beta and falling on jugs. ): After hang dogging for a couple mins I was glancing skyward and realized I wasn’t even half way and had already used 7 draws. The route in total was 35m and followed a row of black tufa’s all the way to the top. Joe and Jess stole my beta for the flashes. By the time all three of us climbed and cleaned the route, grotto was filling up fast with climbers. We decided to check out the crag next to us called Panorama, where there are these two routes going up a small cave. The one on the left called bitman is graded 7a+ and has an amazing beginning section up a stalactite, and into a technical slabby section finishing on overhanging tufas. Jess for the onsight did not bring enough draws, but luckily a climber on the route beside jugged over and gave him 3 draws. Jess pushed through and onsighted. Joe and I then climbed it. The route up the right side of the cave is called Cyclops and finishes in a giant hueco (“the eye of the Cyclops”). Its an easier grade of 6c+ but features a hard crux off a 2 finger pocket. Joe and Jess then finished the day on a 40m route called Tufantastic 7b+ right up the roof of the cave! Joe described it as running a marathon, and totally different mental game battling dehydration, fatigue and heat all while trying to solve the puzzling problems of tufa filled roofs. 
Jess making some friends and borrowing some draws for the onsight!
            We ended our day there, hiking back down in the sun. Joe and I went to the market to get some groceries for dinner spending only 10euros and we still have veggies left over for the next dinner. And this is where we ended the day with our nap that turned into a sleep. On to Odyssey wall tomorrow.

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