Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Beginning of the End

Well Team 5.10 has made it all the way to Athens and have remained friends thus far. I think it has been the separation on the long plane rides that have kept the spirit strong and allowed us some peace and quiet from one another. I can sense a fueled annoyance beginning to turn between Joe and Jess. I’m afraid I can only be a spectator if some physical action were to arise. Our next flight from Athens to Kos at 7:50pm will prove to be the ultimate test between the two as their seats are adjacent to one another.
            More on this drama later. Lets rewind a little. Jess’s wonderful friend Jelena picked us up in her bright yellow sunfire, which we stuffed full with our travel bags and Joe’s 165lb body. Driving to the airport was easy and we made excellent time. We were more then on time for our 6:20pm flight to Brussel’s which Jess believes is in France. The airplane screen told him otherwise. The flight to Burssel’s was long and unfun since we were all separated! No one would switch seats! Oh well, we got through it. Jess sat near the front, I was in the middle, and Joe; near the back. Jess and I ate Pasta and chicken, while Joe, since there was no pasta left had the vegetarian over the Indian option. We all watch movies and got a little shut eye, overall I feel the plane ride went quick. Joe and I discovered Seat to Seat texting and calling and were able to chat and express our hate towards each other.
            We arrived in Brussels, got the passports stamped and were able to get in a quick pint of great Belgium beer: Leffe Blonde and Jess had the Brown. Enjoying the beers we quickly lost track of time and had to chug the remained and sprint to the Gate in order to board the plane. It was a dangerous time for airport.
            Making this flight right on time we got lucky and had seats somewhat close to each other. Joe was able to sit beside me for the last 30mins or so of the flight. We all got much needed sleep on this plane even though they were very uncomfortable seats. The flight over the Mediterranean was beautiful as the sky was clear and we could clearly all the beaches on the west coast of Greece. A lady sitting beside me who worked with EU pointed out many of the islands, but we had never heard of them before so we just nodded and pretended we knew! We landed in Athens.
            Throughout the entire trip thus far, because my bag was the only bag considered “oversized”. Jess and Joe thought it would be funny to bug me about my bag not showing up and being left back in Brussels. Well guess whose bag was left behind in Brussel’s. Both of theirs! KARMA! BAM! So after attempting a game of munchkins which I was winning; we passed out on the marble floor of the terminal. Not the most comfortable but it got the job done. We woke up and went and retrieved their bags. We found a coffee shop which offered comfortable couched to sit on, where we all, but Joe, decided to try “Greek” coffee. Never again. It’s unfiltered coffee! Anyways it is time to chug the water in our bottles go through security and board our last plane! May the Force be with you all
PS. Photos will come soon!

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  1. Hey guys!!! Glad you made it!! Play safe! I'm looking forward to seeing many pics and hearing many stories!! I'll miss you while your gone tho!!!