Friday, 18 May 2012

Sausage and Potatoes

I can’t sleep; waking up early is going to suck. Joe is next to me snoring and Jess is up every 5 minutes running to the bathroom. Plus the neighbors are using their outside voices and slamming doors. Jerks. At least there are no mosquitoes. It’s day 17 on the island and tomorrow is an 80% chance of thunderstorms, the first rain we’ve seen in Greece. We forgot it existed. We had one other close call with thunderstorms, but the clouds hit Talendos and veered away from us, probably releasing its load another small island in the Mediterranean. Today was a rest day, and I think that’s part of the reason for my lack of fatigue at the moment. We did nothing all day, besides a few grocery errands. I began my new book today, Cat’s Cradle, about a journalist trying to right a book on one of the scientist who helped with the Atom bomb. On page 50 and it’s quite interesting. Besides that we played some catan, napped and tried downloading another movie. It currently sits at 51%. It was too cold to snorkel, Jess went out for a little while Joe and I napped, but didn’t last long in the rough water.
Joey's lunch, notice Jess matches with the table cloth
            Joe just woke up and told me to sleep, I said I can’t because he is snoring, he corrected me and said I can’t because I’m chubby. With that he fell right back asleep. He made us a wonderful lunch today, also the cause of Jess’s present upset stomach; well I’m not sure how much he actually made himself since he had every local woman helping him out. Two started the fire and coals in the bbq, while another prepared the sausage and potatoes. I’m not sure Joe did anything other then coordinate everyone. Well he set the table and called us when everything was finished. I was happy because he remembered the ketchup.
            While Joe was cooking, Jess and I were checking out prices for diving and found 80 euros can get us basic training and a dive. Jess is already trained but will do it with me to refresh himself. Joe has no interest, so we’ll wait until he leaves.
            Providing the weather holds up, we picked out some multi-pitch routes to do on Talendos. Hope all goes well. Joes awake again, time to stop writing. Hope all is well my friends.

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