Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Stranger in Paradise

Broke though the rope :( had to cut it, no more 40m routes

The Beach :)
First off I would like to apologies for my lack of blogging and keeping you up to date with my bomber life style. The reason for this is quite simple. Five weeks of rock climbing with probably only 6 rest days spaced out in between does rather a toll to your body. My afternoons have been spent lying on the beach in spread eagle passed out position, cooking food for myself or in my bed in the same position as the beach. Yesterday I spend the day projecting a hard 7b (use to be 7b+) called Sevasti. I got smashed on it, not being able to even make it to the crux moves on a single burn. I just felt dead and exhausted after. I had a rest day previous to this, and after Sevasti I knew my body needed a longer break which is why I sit here writing to you know. I took the morning off while Dave and Yudai went up to Grande Grotta (their favorite place). I’ll be joining them after I watch Game of Thrones for a couple burns on the 7a+ there called Ivi.
Eating at Zorbas'
            To recap you on the last couple days here on the Island of Kalymnos, where dreams come true, I’ll start off with what we’ve been up to other then climbing. I can narrow it down to two broad categories of beach and studio room. This is where our time is spent. At the far end of the beach there is a slack line permanently set up right out side a bar and adjacent to a popular beach volleyball court. Sounds like a hotspot! We’ve actually been spending a fair amount of time here; Yudai is a great “slack liner” completing his jumps and spins on the line with the upmost precision. I on the other hand am working on the jump-starts and still have yet to complete a walk across the entire line. Dave gave up on the first session and sit near by drinking beer and watching out for local girls walking by. We’ll conclude our beach time with a swim and lying down in the sand, soaking in the sun’s heat and rays. Sundays and Holidays are the best for girls. Dave and Yudai like going out for dinner, which sometimes I’ll join them if I’m feeling too tired to cook.
Squid and Octopus
            Our most enjoyed spot to go eat is a joint right beside the supermarket, and sells Gyros for 2.20. One gyro will just about fill you up, but we get two, in order to feel extra full. It’s a nice feeling. The joint is run by two very friendly brothers who have come to see us as regulars. How do I know this? We each get the regulars-only high five on our way in and they know the exact modifications Dave needs on his gyro. No tomatoes, onion and stay away from the seafood. Perfect! On occasion we venture past our horizons and try new places. One such case was Zorbas’. Located on the edge of the beach, and known for the best seafood in town, we had to see what it was all about. It was a fairly large place and had lots to choose from on the menu. Yudai and myself came for the seafood, while Dave got a rack of lamb ribs. He didn’t care too much for them. Between Yudai and myself we split a plate of Fried Calamari, a plate of Vinegar Octopus, and a Small Shark dish. It was an amazing feast from under the sea. The shark tasted like tuna, cod and other small fish, mixed into one. I can’t imagine why. Everything was excellent, but a bit more expensive then gyros, so I don’t think we will be returning. FYI for anyone planning a visit, when Zorbas’ plays live music, they have a special menu they give, where every dish is about 3-5 Euros more expensive. We were lucky and arrived in time to get the cheap menu and still listen to the band.
Beer and a beautiful sunset
            Back at the studio, we have an amazing view of the Mediterranean, Talendos and other island just poking out of the horizon. After dinner we’ll sit out there with a beer, playing a game of Catan or watching the Big Bang theory. This will go on until 9:00 or 9:30ish when we get too tired to keep our eyes open or the mosquitoes scare us indoors. The other night on of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen cast it’s colorful lights, lighting up the entire Mediterranean. Even the locals were out taking pictures; we were lucky to see a sunset as exquisite as that. They say that a sunset like that often means a very hot day following. It was hot, but I didn’t notice any difference to the other days. Another night we watched a full out electrical storm out over the ocean. The nights are never boring and there is always something to see.
mmmmmmm Gyros
            Climbing for myself, as described before, has been very tiring, and I don’t think my body can climb anymore at it’s full potential. Dave and Yudai have 4 more days left and are trying to finish off everything they’ve wanted to try. The other day at Spartacus a bird flew down from the cliff and stole half a loaf of bread (our lunch). Shocked that a bird could even grab a piece of bread that size, and fly away. We meet an Australian guy, named Justin who is here alone, and here until July!!!!! Crazy Aussies. But once Dave and Yudai leave on Friday I will be moving back into our original studio at Micheals, where because Artemis loves me, is giving me a way better studio then before for 12 Euros a night! Talk about a steal. But for those days alone Justin, who is 41, 20 years older then I will be my climbing partner. He is only working on his on sight ability, trying as many 7b’s as he can, so at least we are climbing at the same level. Then Wednesday it is off to Cologne, Germany for a 19 hour lay over, then Split, Croatia with my long lost best bud! Can’t wait! Off to go join Dave and Yudai at the Grotta.

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